Tullahoma Funeral Home





Tullahoma Funeral Home has been in continuous operation in Tullahoma for over 50 years.  It began as Motlow-Moore Funeral Home with Mr. Floyd Motlow being the owner and operator.  In 1968, the firm was purchased by Horace and Carolyn Jacobs and renamed Tullahoma Funeral Home.  The Jacobs operated the funeral home at it's previous location on East Grundy Street until 1980 when it was purchased by Tim Kilgore.  Tim has been in the funeral profession in Coffee County continuously for over 30 years.  He is a present day owner and General Manager of Tullahoma Funeral Home along with Manchester Funeral Home, Coffee County Funeral Chapel and Manchester Crematory which is on the grounds of Manchester Funeral Home..  By having control of our own crematory, we can guarantee that your loved one is never turned over to an outside company at any time during the cremation process. Tim is a certified  Crematoligist by the Cremation Association of North America (CANA).    

Tullahoma Funeral Home offers many different types of funeral goods and services to ensure that the unique wishes of each family are exceeded. Tullahoma Funeral Home offers a spacious funeral home that remains small enough to provide a feeling of comfort. The prices at Tullahoma Funeral Home are very competitve and the staff of Tullahoma Funeral Home will work with every family to meet their wishes and financial situation. We offer at-need and pre-need services and accept any pre-need from any other funeral home. We are locally owned and locally operated. Kenny Hargrove is the manager of the funeral home.  Tim or Kenny are available to answer your questions or concerns 24 hours per day, 7 days per week at (931)455-4567.